What to Expect from your Psychic Reading

The gifted advisors at Betwixt are trained and ready to help with your situation. The advisor may ask you for astrology information such as your birthday or your zodiac sign. You can get a reading via telephone or by web chat 24/7. Once connected you can ask your advisor any questions you have about love and relationships, general questions, career/finance, and much more! You can ask about your personal situation, or you can inquire about a person on your mind. Betwixt Advisors are able to connect with any energy. Call one of our trusted advisors today to get started on your path to clarity and mind, body, spirit alignment!

Who is Betwixt

The advisors of Betwixt all belong to a large collective of like minded souls, we resonate with the spirit animal Raven; the oracles, the omens, the messengers. We meet together everyday to talk all things spiritual, we practice yoga together and we expand our minds together with meditation. You can join us too! Click the link below to be directed to our daily meet up on YouTube with Dharma Jane for free general collective messages. If you are looking for advice, guidance or some direction in your life, the advisors at Betwixt know exactly how to get you there, and you can connect with one of us for a consultation right now. We are all so grateful to meet you and to help your spiritual guides, help you. Welcome to the first step of your spiritual journey.