Advisors by Category
Psychic Reading

This is your most standard form of reading! Advisors will utilize their sixth sense and may use divination tools as well to connect with the energy of your current situation. This is a general form of reading and your best bet if you have never had a reading done before, the advisor will guide you through the process of connecting to the otherworld. Enjoy!

Love and Relationship Psychic Reading

Chat with a love and relationship advisor who can tune directly into the relationship in question and into the energy of your partner. Find out what is in store for your current, past or future relationships.

Psychic Reading with Divination

This form of divination can give you deep answers and guidance in many layers. It can predict upcoming events, current situations and reflect on the past. Betwixt advisors often use Tarot Cards, pendulums, scrying mirrors, or even runes for divination. There are many beneficial divination tools that can be used to get the clearest of answers.

Spiritual Consultation

Looking for advice but from an otherworldly source? This is the most generalized consultation you can receive, ask anything you like; the energy will show up.

Psychic Medium

Interested in hearing from someone who has crossed over? Want to connect with spirit guides or ancestors? This is the place! Connect with a Betwixt Psychic Medium to hear from the other side!

Career and Finance Reading

Looking for some advice on money flow, future business ideas or your current career? Connect with a spiritual business expert to find out what is in store for you financially.